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Womens Wrist Wraps
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Womens Wrist Wraps are stylish and durable wrist wraps that offer support during heavy lifting. They are designed in a premium 2-line elastic for a strong support that doesn't limit the wrists natural mobility. They feature easy to use thumb loops, strong Velcro fastening and a classic Better Bodies logo print.

• Offers optimal support without limiting wrist mobility
• Suitable for Olympic lifting and cross training
• Adjustable Velcro fastening – easy adjustments and a secure fit!
• Thumb loops
• Insider tip: Use the thumb loops to fasten the wraps and remove them during use.
• Better Bodies logo branding
• Sold in pairs
• Hand wash, rinse immediately and air dry
• Imported

Additional information

Material: 80% cotton and 20% elastane
Developed for: All workouts, most beneficial for pressing exercises
Length: 33 cm

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