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GASP 1RM Wrist Wraps - 230769

GASP 1RM Wrist Wraps
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Wrap them tight, prepare for your lift and crush your personal best! These 46 cm long wrist wraps are designed in a durable cotton and elastane mix that offers enhanced support and stability during your heaviest lifts, including your one rep maxes. They feature a strong Velcro fastening for a secure fit and easy adjustments.

• Developed for hardcore athletes
• Strong Velcro fastening – easy to adjust and a secure fit!
• Durable thumb loop for quick fastening
• Sold in pairs
• Hand wash, rinse immediately and air dry
• Imported

Additional information
Material: 75% cotton and 25% elastane
Size: Adjustable (one size fits all)
Length: 46 cm (18")

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